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Sausage Films is engaged with the distribution of iMbizo yamaKhono Seasons 1 – 3. Sausage Films is the originator and producer of The Busi Mhlongo Music Documentary that is currently in research and development phase and is supported by the NFVF. Other scripts in development for music documentaries include the Marrabenta of Mozambique and the Traditional Instruments of South Africa. Archives in development include the international co-operation “Jazz Against Apartheid,” and “The Johnny Mbizo Dyani Story.” These projects are currently in development with annual skills transfers and creative collaborations taking place in the Eastern Cape and supported by ECDC, Hessen Ministry, German Embassy and Protestant Church.

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    Know how in music arts holistic education

SAUSAGE FILMS draws on South African musicians oral history, cultural heritage and best practice. Since 2020 we are impacting current and future generations, youth and veterans with a holistic approach to knowledge growth, awareness and sustainable activations. Born of innovation and necessity ours is a collaboration of content creator for Southern African music, arts and liberation heritage to embue the current and future generations with quality Afro-centric Southern African arts and media resources. The resources are multi-facetted approach for preservation, presentation, education and archive. From the written word, to the musical collaboration, audio-visual documenatation, education, resources and research archive, this is a complete and holistic approach for Pan-African story-telling.

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Jazz Against Apartheid

Past Present and Future music

The Re-awakening of Busi Mhlongo :

Doing Justice to Her Legacy

iMbizo yamaKhono

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Song for Biko

International Freedom Celebration

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