Sausage Film Company

Sausage Films produces audio visual works for better accessibility of South African Jazz and freedom culture to a include wider young and old audiences across gender, age, and colour. Celebrating the pioneers and legends of South African Jazz and freedom who left a legacy of sacrifice, self-expression, wisdom and bravery.

Is an innovative content creator for South African music preservation and promotion, a Pan African Liberation Heritage and Freedom scriptwriting portal and co-operative talent agency for musicians, producers, cinematographers and creatives. Has developed TV Drama scripts including Biko and Samora and is the producer of the innovative and digital education Series, Music Free-Learning, now in Season 3. As an archivist of South African musicians oral history, cultural heritage and best practice, is impacting youth development and long-term employment opportunity.

  • Heritage Education
  • Music & Arts Heritage
  • Afrocentric Films
  • Music Education

Sausage Film Company Executive Summary

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Vusi Mchunu

Vusi Mchunu

Heritage Practitioner
Struan Douglas

Struan Douglas

Music Writer

Vusi Mchunu DIRECTOR

Vusi Mchunu is an author, historian, poet and cultural activist. He holds a Master of Arts degree from the Free University of Berlin and has transformed cultural heritage in South Africa through museums, exhibitions, public programming, tourism and governance.

Struan Douglas DIRECTOR

Author and producer Struan Douglas is the founder of the online content portal and contributing journalist to Business Day and other publications. He was included in the Jazz in Germany, Federal Republic of Germany's Visitors Programme and has awarded grants from Business Arts South Africa (BASA) and Authors Non Fiction association of South Africa (ANFASA).

Script Writing90%
Self Publishing90%
Music Education90%
Live Music interventions90%
Heritage Productions90%
Multi-media Productions90%