• Addressing the gap in quality Afrocentric music education for school-goers Grades 10 – 12 through participative coursework and free online tutorials.

• Providing resources for community centres and academies, and students bridging to tertiary education

• Solutions for unemployed youth and the tools to develop a career growth path.

• Providing long-term solutions in mentorship for the development of stronger mindset and skillset that will equip the youth and upcoming artists with lifetime growth and knowledge.

• Working together to assist our future generations to be better artists and human beings.

• Sustainable solution in the arts sector for authentic and sustainable growth for musicians, students and teachers alike through bringing the creative process into the centre of education and self-development.

• Creating long-term economic growth in the key education and performance areas of the creative economy.

• Growing the impact of live performance, music practice and indigenous knowledge systems, through audio-visual mentorship and workshops.

• Creating a permanent database, archive and network for curriculum based learning materials for indigenous South African music and heritage.

• Building mentorship and teacher training opportunities for professional artists that can boost their career and help alleviate loss of revenue during lockdown.

• Address historical issues and problems in education caused by the design of a system that we have been living under since the apartheid era.