GuideLines to Students & Teachers

23 Multi-media Afrocentric music training modules made in South Africa. These education materials will benefit musicians, learners and teachers. Th learning modules are task-based, including pre-task and post-task exercises combined with training videos.

The African music education is created by Sausage Film Company directors, authors Vusi Mchunu and Struan Douglas. This multi-media, responsive and interactive design for education was originated in response to the Department of Sports Arts and Culture call for digital and innovation in response to ethical lockdown of 2020. Institutions, classes, students and participated in the recording of the training modules and are encouraged to bring the multi-media learning experience of this programme into their own practice. Holistic and high-impact mentorship, guidance and lessons from wonderful South Africa creative musical artists from spiritual to business and technical to emotional development.

iMbizo Ya Makhono - Gathering of the Arts

iMbizo Ya Makhono : Is a GATHERING of the Arts, today for tomorrow. Through mentorship knowledge and skills exchange we are holistically off-setting the losses in education of historical legacies in South Africa. Our music educational resources are a sustainable solution in the music sector for authentic career growth for musicians, creative artists, and industry practitioners and quality free resources for students and teachers alike.

iMbizo Ya Makhono : Assembly of the Arts is Pan African syllabus based music education, relevant to IEB and CAP (grades 10 -12) curriculum, bridging course to university and young professsionals wanting to get ahead. It is an innovative and interactive music mentorship and self-development series of teachings; including: spiritual, emotional and mental development; and, technical, historical, general knowledge, business and career know how.

The tutorials are recorded in a live workshop setting offering three levels of activation for participants across multiple target groups. Activations include music education, music incubation and know-how for career stimulation.

By providing quality Afrocentric music learning resources, our future generations of leaders, artists, performers and musicians in a target group 14 – 27 can be given the tools and resources required to further their opportunities, know-how and output.

Topics covered include S.A Jazz, Rhythm Workshops, Spirituality and Freedom in music, South African music vernaculars, poetry and jazz and shared the tools of organisation, promotion and philosophy. Music Learning resources include a broadening on the music genres, in a quest to cater for all kinds of S.A. music and Pan Africanism, Decolonisation, AfroCentricity and African Humanity as pillars for making African music that endures and looks ahead.

Power of a song by Masauko

Masauko is currently producing an episode for Stogie T. for Def Jam Africa. His educational interest for the youth is to bring song-writing ideas into hip hop? Facilitated by intuitive and cross-over musicians Yonela Mnana and Siya Makuzeni and featuring a live performance focus for workshop attendees students will be given a career changing experience in building their songwriting and music production capacity.

6/8 Rhythm by Eugene Skeef

As an educator Eugene Skeef’s personal and interpersonal approach to creative workshops with music as the principal medium. As such, the main emphasises music as the articulating process to enable and facilitate creative development. As a percussionist his approach uses rhythm as the inspiration for a deep connection between people through collaborative music making, to the practical application of tools and processes. Through the facilitation of South Africa’s first female jazz percussionist Anikki Maswanganye, the students develop new and collaborative tools of music making.

Lefifi Tladi Jazzoetry is my religion!

Having learnt through both the organic African education of Black Consciousness and the creative confluence of the Harvey Cooper School, Lefifi Tladi’s offerings to education for the future generations of particular South Africans could make a huge difference in the art sector. Through the facilitation of this course by emotional and spiritual educators Zaide Harneker and Steve Tsakiris, the students explore art of the senses through a deep awareness of self through awareness.

Tu Nokwe presents "Order creates Comfort."

Tu Nokwe is a songwriter, singer, composer, teacher, stage actress, producer, director, healer and trainer for artists. She was born in Kwa-Mashu, Durban. She has a distinguished personal, musical dynasty as the daughter of swing jazz band musician, Alfred Nokwe and soprano soloist Patty Nokwe.

Re - invention by Octavia Rachabane

Octavia is Sepedi speaking - North Sotho which is both her mother and father tongue. She grew up in Soweto, where she got to know all the languages, mixing with people speaking Xhosa, Zulu, Afrikaans and all South African languages. In Soweto they sometimes fuse the different words from different languages in a “ghetto-style” way of speaking.

The Magic and Mystery of sound by Steve Tsakiris

Steve Tsakiris is a public speaker, teacher, writer and workshop facilitator. He has researched from traditions in the east and the west, psychology, spirituality, Eastern traditions, Western traditions, Aboriginal traditions, African traditions, Greek traditions. He is a percussion player, poet, and hosts sound journey's.


Anikki Maswanganye was the first female drummer in South Africa, performing since the early 1970s. She’s also a band leader, a talent scout, an entrepreneur and advocate for women in jazz. Through brand positioning and mentorship, Anikki remains consistent and tenacious in pursuing her goal of creating platforms for women jazz artists. Click on the arrows above to download the learning tasks.


Bonny Zulu and Band make the transition from backing vocals to the lead singer in the style and spirit of the great songbirds of SA music, Abie Cindi, Sibongile Khumalo, Sophic Mgina, Dolly Rathebe, Abigail Kubheka and Themi. Click on the arrows above to download the learning tasks.


Geoffrey Tracey is a sangoma, story-teller and music educator. Known as “mkhulu Hugh,” the grandson of Hugh Trcey he continues the legacy of reconnecting African cultures through music. Geoff is an authorised traditional knowledge keeper, working with the continuous and ancient African practices of the sangoma, reconnecting humanity to our spirit practices, our extra-sensory capacities and the ancient wisdom or what he calls 5D (fifth dimension) technology of the sangoma.


David “Qadasi” Jenkins, Maskandi vocalist, guitarist, concertina and banjo player from Empangeni performs with friend and highly respected Maskandi artist, Maqhinga Radebe reviving traditional Zulu Maskandi music, promoting Zulu culture, traditional music and social cohesion on recordings and performances worldwide.


With Twenty years of over 100 shows a year, Tidal Waves are considered the hardest working reggae band in South Africa. The band is lead by Jacob ‘Jakes’ Wulana (guitar & vocals) and perform original reggae music with blues, mbaqanga and rock influences singing in English, Afrikaans, Setswana and Tshivhenda. They have performed alongside reggae greats Ziggy Marley and The Easy Star All Stars.

IZINTAMBO ZO MOYA - strings of the spirits - with HM Malatsi

His Majesty Herman Malatsi is a self-taught body contortionist, choreographer for movement, string instrument maker, clothing designer, motivational speaker and mediator for peace in Afrika. He is the continental cultural heritage and peace emperor, founder of the Messengers of Messages / motivational speaker / self-taught all around artist/ peace negotiator and underprivileged youth developer. He has assisted Afrika in her development through working with The UniverSoul Circus from America and their work in development through circus in Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Senegal and Guinea Conakry. He performs with his daughter Princess Nokulunga Buthelezi, gold medal winner as Contortionist.

NEW MEETING THE OLD - with Mosoeu Ketlele

As an initiate of story-telling, instrument making and performance, Mosoeu Ketlele brings much power to the present and future of South African musician. He is an internationally acclaimed musician, actor, storyteller, teacher, puppet artist, theatre director and a show creator. Mosoeu plays a variety of South African Traditional instruments such as Setorotoro (Zulu/Sotho), Umakhweyane, Urhadi(Zulu/Xhosa), uMtshingo(Zulu flute), Ixxhara(Khoi San), Lebhalabhala (Ndebele flute), Serankura(Tswana), Vuruvuru (bull-roarer), Traditional Drums, Mofaftlafatla (Sotho shakers) and the bird whistles, frog sounds and cricket sounds.

From his roots as a drummer for the traditional healers, iziNyanga and diviners, izaNgoma, through his arts education at the Joint Enrichment Project (JEP), to his personal studies at International Library of African Music (ILAM) and to his collaborations with masters of music such as Tananas and Stimela, Mosoeu is at the very cutting edge of a unique sound of South African music that is both OLD and NEW and a contribution essential to community art centred education.