Music: Free-learning Season One Attunement

Music Free-learning is free quality music education. Season One - Attunement, attuning to the unique character of South African music, is brought to you by Sausage Films and Department of Sports Arts and Culture, South Africa. In these 8 unique episodes we cover all topics from marabi, to vocals, song-writing, rhythm, zulu blues, jazz in exile, spirituality and business.

Music: Free-learning Season Two Assimilation

Music: Free-learning Season Two ASSIMILATION is brought to you by Sausage Films and National Arts Council, an agency of Department of Sports Arts and Culture, South Africa and recorded at AMPD studios by Old Mutual. Music Free Learning Assimiliation takes us that step closer to the joyful learning of South African Music and covers topics including Jazzoetry, Self-Management, Composition, Vernaculars, Re-invention, studio-graphy, spirituality and concert promotion.

Music: Free-learning Season Three Africa Year

Music: Free-learning Season Three AFRICA YEAR is brought to you by Sausage Films with the support of The Department of Sports arts and Culture Mzansi Golden Economy, AMPD Studios by Old Mutual and Business Arts South Africa (BASA). Music Free Learning AFRICA YEAR digs deep into the heartbeat if African musics, maskanda, isichatimya, world music, jazz and popular.

Prince Lengoasa

Trumpeter & Educator

What a beautiful initiative.You folks are doing some great work.

Tu Nokwe

Vocalist & Educator

Teaching and opening the minds of the young and old is a big contribution to the human race. We appreciate your generosity, expertise and humility.

Glenn Ujebe Masokoane


Building free quality education is commendable. Amandla.

Vusi Macingwane Mchunu

Poet & Military Veteran

Be proud of this content, the diversity of voices, of music genres, the depth in the African music approach and practice.